Work in Progress…

We’re currently working on updating and improving the site. Expect to see some new content soon, as well as a few little improvements here and there. It’s been an incredibly busy year, with a lot of surprises, but we’ve got a great community and soon we’ll have a great website and everything else will be great, also. I’d like to take a moment while I’m at it to thank the Innsmouth Preservation Society, our countless fantastic visitors, residents, and explorers, as well as all of our sister communities in Second Life who keep the visions of Howard Philips Lovecraft alive in the virtual world. Second Life is what we make of it, and so far, what we’ve made together is something truly great.

Innsmouth has been in Second Life, what is it now, about 12 years? This kind of digital longevity is almost unheard of, and the mere fact of its continued existence is a testimony to the community that has formed around and within it. Appearances can be deceiving – the denizens of shadowed, decaying Innsmouth are proof of this, as they are some of the kindest, brightest, and warmest people in the virtual world (even the cold, slimy ones are warm and fuzzy), and we are privileged to have a community of such darkling luminaries.

Come back soon, and see what we’ve got cooking for you! Thank you all for supporting Innsmouth, and stay weird!


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