Lovecraft County, Massachusetts

(a Lovecraftian-themed SIM community/region in Second Life)

Welcome to Lovecraft County

Below you can find information regarding individual areas within the overall region; this will be expanded over time, to be more inclusive and informative.


A quiet fishing community at the mouth of the Manuxet River, Innsmouth hides many dark secrets – not only in its distant past, but in the harbor, as well… if you believe the rumors, that is.

The U.S. government recently visited Innsmouth, and finding that many residents were, due to a lack of education and other factors, living in less-than-ideal conditions, has generously rehoused them in places where they can receive the proper care they deserve.

The upshot of this is that there are many affordable housing opportunities for those who wish to make a new start in Innsmouth.

We assure you, local rumors of “monsters” and “bizarre cults” have been greatly exaggerated, in typical New England fashion; we all know better than this, right?

Fish people indeed, hah!


Capital of Lovecraft County, Arkham is a modern city with all of the amenities, including electric lights, indoor plumbing, and a modern university (with a fantastic library).

Miskatonic University has produced some of today’s most brilliant archaeologists, anthropologists, parapsychologists, cryptophenomenologists, and other scholars on the cutting edge of science.

Smack dab in the middle of the Miskatonic River Valley, Arkham has all of the advantages of a port city, and yet is far enough inland to be spared many of the issues found in more coastal areas. This stability has contributed to its steady growth and prosperity.

Be sure to catch the trolley when visiting, and take the full tour – you never know what hidden gems you may find along the way!


A peaceful village in the hills of rural Massachusetts, Dunwich is home to many legends and myths, some of which you might even be familiar with.

Of course, today, we know that such incidents were probably the result of mass hysteria, superstition, and possibly bad bread or misidentified toxic plants being used as food by simple folk who did not know any better, but this does not make the stories any less fascinating.

Dunwich itself is a lovely place, and modern residents all acknowledge that there’s simply no way that invisible monsters would ever pick such a place to manifest. That would be silly!

As entertaining as the stories may be, we all know they could have no basis in fact, and that Dunwich is as safe a place to visit as any other, right? Just watch your step around some of the lovely, exotic plant life.